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Services & Capabilities

Meyer EMS offers a variety of services to suit your specific requirements. More than that, we at Meyer EMS view ourselves as an extension of you, our customer. When we build your assembly, we treat it as if it is our own, assuring only the highest in product quality – every time.

Circuit Board Assembly Services

High-Speed Surface Mount Component Placement

Meyer EMS delivers long-lasting and dependable results.  Our equipment produces maximum efficiency at reduced costs.  Fine-tuned programming, the highest quality solder paste and tightly controlled reflow temperatures guarantee your assemblies will consistently meet IPC-A-610 (minimum Class 2) industry standards.

  • Chip components placed at speeds up to 8 parts per second
  • Automated placement of multi-leaded devices, SOIC’s, QFN’s, BGA’s, SMD Modules, etc.
  • Board/Array size from 2.5×2.5 inches up to 11×16 inches
Through-Hole Component Placement

Our skilled solder technicians and inspectors ensure that whether soldered by wave, selective solder machine or by hand, all through-hole placements receive consistent IPC-A-610 level 2 (minimum) care and completion.

  • Automated selective soldering
  • Automated wave soldering
  • Tin-Lead or RoHS-Compliant, Lead-Free alloys
  • Water-Soluble or No-Clean (low-residue) flux
Turn-key, Box builds

When your needs go beyond just a circuit assembly, Meyer EMS is there for you.  Our experience covers a wide array of secondary operations that will complete your project, professionally planned and expertly finished.

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Custom housing work (secondary operations)
  • Discreet wiring
  • Cables and Harnesses
  • Functional test (Contact us for details)
Consigned Materials Projects
  • Special requirements apply
  • Contact us for more information
Automated Optical Inspection

As the industry moves towards smaller surface mount parts and more compact builds, accuracy of visual inspections becomes more and more challenging.  The process of automated optical inspection provides a high level of assurance that components, from large flatpacks down to barely-visible resistor chips, are placed accurately and have received the best in solder connectivity.

In-Circuit and Functional Test

We provide the option of completing the tests for your assemblies once the product is built, further ensuring every assembly that leaves our facility will function without question.

Lead-Free and Tin-Lead Soldering

Today’s industry demands flexibility. Meyer EMS is dedicated to delivering equal dependability in both tin-lead and RoHS-compliant, lead-free products.

Conformal Coating

Throughout numerous industries from agriculture to security, the added protection of silicone-based conformal coating protects PC Board assemblies against the harsh elements of field work, dramatically extending the functional life of products.

Build and Inspect to IPC-A-610 (current revision) standards

IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries – found at www.IPC.org/ ), provides a common ground of unified criteria for the electronics assembly industry.  These standards have been widely adopted throughout the world.  They set the acceptability bar for everything from bending a lead to soldering the most complex component.  Because Meyer EMS measures our assembly and soldering processes to IPC-A-610, Class 2 standard, you can be assured of professional assembly and soldering for all your electronic assembly needs.

RoHS and non-RoHS compliant processes

RoHS is the acronym for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.  It is a directive out of the European Union that restricts the use of specific hazardous materials to help reduce their impact on the environment.  Most people think of RoHS as “Lead-free”.  Though this is true in part, there is much more to it as lead is only one of 10 substances that are listed.  For now, some exceptions still allow the use of common Tin/Lead solder.  Meyer EMS is fully capable of working with both RoHS-compliant and Non-RoHS-Compliant processes.  For more on RoHS, see http://www.rohsguide.com/ .

Visual and Microscopic Inspection

From the list above, you already know that we inspect every surface mounted component via our Automated Optical Inspection equipment. In this industry, AOI only provides a part of the answer. Every board we build also undergoes rigorous, visual inspection. Our processes incorporate viewing all parts of the assembly using the naked eye, 3 diopter inspection tools, and/or full microscopic inspection as needed. The resulting product meets or exceeds the assembly and quality requirements set forth by IPC.


If you are developing a new product or updating an older standard one, Meyer EMS can help. We will gladly build small quantities of your circuit assembly. This crucial step in development or redevelopment of your product allows you to put it to the test, locate flaws and refine the design before any larger-scale production begins. This is always most productive if we are contacted for collaboration early in the design phase.

Design for Manufacturability Assistance (DFM)

If you need a few prototypes or are tweaking a well-proven design, Meyer EMS stands ready to provide manufacturability input to help you towards complete success. Development of the circuit is part of the process, but not necessarily all of it. The ability to efficiently manufacture your assembly happens best when we can be involved at or near the front end. By including us early, we can often spot items that seem harmless, but could become problematic during the many different phases of manufacturing. We have found that this translates into fewer tooling or retooling expenses, more efficient production and lower total cost to you.

Providing Services For:

  • Industrial Controls
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Communication
  • Educational Data Acquisition
  • LED Displays
  • Specialized Electronics
  • Commercial Applications
  • Legacy Products
  • After-Market Products

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